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Vacation loan comparison – finance dream vacation

Do you know that? Do you have a certain dream vacation in mind and when you look into the vacation cash register do your dreams collapse? However, this does not have to be the case!

With a holiday loan, it is possible to treat yourself to a holiday at least once in a while, which completely corresponds to your own wishes and ideas. Below we show you what exactly constitutes a holiday loan and how you can quickly find a suitable and affordable offer through our loan comparison!

What exactly is a vacation loan?

What exactly is a vacation loan?

The term holiday loan sounds self-explanatory at first, because it is an installment loan that is used to finance a holiday trip. However, very few banks provide special vacation loans with earmarked funds. As a borrower, you normally use an installment loan with free use. Ultimately, the bank does not check whether you have used part of the money for other purposes.

Holiday loans therefore have the following main characteristics:

  • No earmarking
  • Travel expenses can be financed as needed (travel, accommodation, leisure budget)
  • Large offer with good comparison options

What can a vacation loan be used for?

You can use a vacation loan for all costs related to your vacation. These include:

  • Travel expenses (flight, car, boat, bus & train)
  • Accommodation costs (hotel, pension, holiday apartment)
  • Food expenses
  • Budget for activities (sights, leisure sports courses, wellness)
  • Shopping budget (specialties, special goods, souvenirs)
  • Travel insurance costs

Why should I take out a vacation loan online?

A vacation loan is a very straightforward form of financing that in most cases does not require extensive advice. Thus, the only disadvantage of online loans does not apply in this case. Instead, you can benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Significantly faster and uncomplicated processing (payment after a fully digital application, ideally after 24 hours)
  • Lower interest rates (easy loan comparison, no high branch costs at online banks)
  • Offers in the credit comparison can be sorted with suitable performance criteria

What needs to be considered when taking out a vacation loan?

What needs to be considered when taking out a vacation loan?

If you are planning a vacation and you are interested in a vacation loan, you should first determine the need. This is the only way you can later determine the required loan amount. For this reason it is important that you have already determined your travel destination and a large part of your wishes.

The next step is to search for suitable offers. The following aspects are particularly important:

The most important decision criterion is the annual percentage rate

As with any loan, costs also play an important role in holiday financing. As a rule, loans only incur interest costs in the form of the effective interest rate. Even if your own vacation is certainly an important time, the expenses should ultimately be kept within limits. Fortunately, with our loan comparison you can easily find a financing that meets your needs and is as cheap as possible.

Free special repayments make the holiday loan even cheaper

A vacation lasts only a few weeks. However, you still have to pay off the travel loan afterwards. That is why the option of free repayments is more than valuable. If there is anything left of the holiday budget or you expect a larger payment after the holiday, you can quickly reduce the remaining debt through special repayment and thus save on interest costs. Even though many banks are already granting free special repayments today, there are still loans where this is not the case. If you see financial scope for an early partial repayment, such an option is definitely recommended.

Short terms are important for vacation loans

As long as it is not a “once-in-a-lifetime dream trip”, the holiday loan should be paid off relatively quickly. This is also important for cost reasons, because the longer the term, the longer you have to pay interest and the higher the total cost. For this reason, you should rely on a loan provider that also allows maturities of 12 months or less. After all, nobody wants to have to pay the interest from the previous year during the vacation time of next year.

Select interest offers that match your own credit rating

When looking for a loan, you almost inevitably come across loan offers with interest rates that are dependent on creditworthiness and those with interest that is independent of creditworthiness. The difference is that in the second case, all borrowers receive the same interest rate, provided they have a certain minimum credit rating (read more about credit rating here). In the case of interest rates dependent on creditworthiness, however, the interest rate varies depending on the classification of your individual credit rating as a borrower. You can recognize such loan offers by an interest margin.

So if you are more likely to have a small income or other creditworthiness restrictions, then credit-independent interest offers are often a good choice. Credit-related loan interest rates, on the other hand, can be worthwhile if your creditworthiness belongs to the top group (high income, no negative factors). In this case, such offers would be even cheaper.

Spend a great time with the right vacation loan!

Spend a great time with the right vacation loan!

The vacation planning is coming up and you need financial means to organize your own vacation time as you imagine? No problem, because installment loans without earmarking can now be used conveniently and flexibly for holiday financing. Tour operators now also offer financing, but they are much less flexible.

In addition, holiday loans can be checked very easily using our loan comparison, so that you can quickly find the cheapest possible offer. In addition, you can design your desired loan in such a way that it perfectly matches your personal requirements and wishes. Use these advantages and look forward to a great vacation!

Personal loans without paycheck?

When taking out a loan you have to evaluate all the important aspects to access the money you are needing.

As we know, for any financial or banking entity in which you are going to take out a personal loan, one of the main requirements is to have proof to prove a fixed salary, that is, a salary receipt. Being that sometimes this requirement is not enough

Complications that comes with the request for a personal loan without a salary receipt

personal loan

  • Some entities may request that you have at least a certain number of months in the same job to be able to access the money you are needing. In this way, the Bank or the financial institution can ensure your liquidity, in order to be able to face the payment of the installments of the loan that you want to take out and, in the worst case, seize part of the salary to force you to make the payment, in case of not paying in time and form.

  • Another typical requirement to take out personal loans is to present a guarantee or a property , which assures the lender that you will fulfill your obligations to return the borrowed money. These requirements, like the previous ones, will be indispensable to be able to get the money from the credit in case you are a bad payer.

For some people, being able to prove these requirements is usually impossible, either for lack of a fixed and registered job, for not having the necessary seniority in the same place of work, or for not having a person that guarantees our commitment.

For this reason, it is essential to understand how you can take out a personal loan without a salary , without so much extra requirement.


Who can take out personal loans without paycheck?

Who can take out personal loans without paycheck?

As we have seen, taking out personal loans can be very difficult, if you do not have a salary receipt that proves your ability to repay the borrowed money.

There are many people who find themselves in these circumstances and, therefore, it is necessary to understand who could take out personal loans without a paycheck :

  • Students. For them, there are the so-called personal loans for students. They are ideal to pay the University fee or to be able to meet the expenses for the purchase of materials, in case of studying Architecture, for example. As we know, there are different types of careers that can be more expensive than others. The important thing is not to stop studying, since you can perfectly continue your studies with a little help.

  • Retired It is the most vulnerable sector of society that, because they are outside the labor system, see their access to personal loans more complicated. For retired people, a personal loan without a paycheck would be ideal to meet the needs they have, whether to buy medicine, finish paying for vacations, or renovate the house.

  • Unregistered employees. There is a part of society that is working in changas, without having any formal proof of the collection of its services. However, that does not prevent these workers from having needs and requiring them to be met shortly. Being able to take out personal loans without paycheck would be ideal for these employees, who need to access extra money quickly and easily.

  • Entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur has the advantage of being your own boss and managing your schedules as you wish. But it is also you who runs the full risk, in case the project goes wrong. Also, you will most likely not be working in a dependency relationship, and need an initial investment to be able to bring your business to life. In these cases, a personal loan without paycheck will be your best ally to start your career as an entrepreneur. Do not limit your work alternatives due to lack of money!

  • Monotributistas. Those who develop a profession autonomously must pay a tax that is composed, according to their category, of income and the fixed social security contribution, related to retirement contributions and social work. This type of workers also does not have a salary receipt, which enables them to take out a personal loan in the traditional way. For them, it will be essential to be able to access personal loans without a paycheck in case you want to leave an emergency quickly and safely.


Characteristics of personal loans without paycheck

Characteristics of personal loans without paycheck

There are different requirements to request a loan, but each loan has its own characteristics. Below, we briefly tell you what are the characteristics that benefit personal loans without paycheck:

  1. They are more flexible , crediting a few requirements you can make the money you need.
  2. They are of a smaller amount , which will allow you to cover those exceptional debts or the purchase, for example, of an appliance that broke recently.
  3. They are mostly online loans . This way, you don’t depend on bank hours, nor are you affected by weekends. Being online you can acquire them with the speed that your urgency needs.
  4. They are acquired quickly and easily . Thanks to the ease of not having to prove a lot of paperwork, you can access the money you need much faster, without having to go through the processes that take forever in a traditional banking entity.

In case you feel that you are in need of exceptional help and do not have a salary receipt to take out a personal loan, Sir Fritz Blagiary can help you. Find out the requirements you need to take out your personal loan without a paycheck and leave the urgency you have.

When to withdraw cash with the credit card

With the credit card, you can pay for products and services and make cash advances. For experts in finance and wealth, you should only withdraw cash with your credit card in case of an emergency. Why?

Cash advances with the credit card are a great temptation. You can make them at the ATMs and in seconds have money to pay the rent, the children’s school or the maintenance costs. Easy. Quick. At any time of day or night.

It is a fantastic service. A very agile loan.

And yet, if you receive the advice of a financial expert, because you have an interest in the subject of wealth or more efficient financial management, they will insist that you do not use cash advances.



The rates of the credit cards

credit cards

Credit cards handle ranges for interest rates.

They are not always the same.

  • It depends on the bank or banking company, trade or cash that issues it, on the expected return of the product.
  • It depends on the category of the card, for example, Classic, Gold, Platinum, etc., which are granted according to the applicant’s ability to pay.
  • It depends on the franchise. Visa is not the same as MasterCard or Amex. The businesses of these franchises with financial institutions are different in each case and that negotiation is transferred to the users of the cards at interest rates.

If you already have a card, you can verify the ordinary interest rate agreed on the statement. Two possibilities appear:

  1. The ordinary annual effective interest rate for purchases or consumptions; Y
  2. The ordinary annual effective interest rate for money availability.

You will notice the difference between the two.

The interest rate for cash advances is higher. In fact, it is considered the highest interest rate offered by the formal financial market.

When you withdraw money from an ATM with your credit card, you are accepting a business that will be expensive. It’s that simple.

It is said that the cash arrangement of credit cards is the most expensive money there is.

Withdrawing a certain percentage of money from your credit line is nothing more than asking for a loan from the bank, just like plastic, it is not an extension of your salary.

The big difference between paying with the card and withdrawing cash from it is that the latter option automatically has a commission, while when you pay you can finance up to 50 days without necessarily paying interest.

The entities monitored by Rose Bank periodically deliver data on the rates of the financial products they handle. The data is average. For example, if the bank offers five credit cards, it will report the average rate of the five cards.

An example, in which on average you will be charged 5% of what you withdrew in cash, how much is that? If you have a thousand pesos the bank will charge you $ 50 pesos MX.

But that does not end there, when you have the cash they charge you daily interest for the use of it , if the average interest rates are 50%, it implies that the applicable daily rate would be 0.14 percent.

This means that you will also pay $ 1.37 pesos for interest until you settle the thousand pesos.


Withdraw or not withdraw cash with your credit card

Withdraw or not withdraw cash with your credit card

So, the next time you are tempted to use your card to withdraw cash, you have to make a decision:

  • If you can pay the entire loan on the next credit card payment date, it is justified. You will not pay interest.
  • If you need more time, think twice. The interest you are going to pay is high.

If you need much more time, think of other alternatives: a personal credit or a home equity loan. They are usually better deals.

Borrowing without UC control | Compare loans online and borrow money quickly | Payday Loans

Many people wonder what it means to borrow without UC control, or maybe the opposite. Namely what a UC control really means and what the consequences and opportunities UC control entails.

UC control is a form of credit control or credit reporting


All lenders who grant loans, whether they are larger loans or smaller loans, do a credit check to assess your ability to pay. Just UC control is a credit report that the lender buys from the company Upplysningscentralen AB so UC is an abbreviation of their company name.

UC uses a special scoring system that balances a number of factors such as number of credits granted, credits used, payment notes, income, capital deficit, etc. An important and perhaps most criticized part of the score is also the number of previous inquiries the person has. A number of inquiries mean that you are considered to be a greater risk to the lender than if you have a few inquiries.
Each of your previous requests remains in UC’s register for 12 months back in time.

Usually, some lenders can lend amounts up to SEK 50000 without UC control, while lenders are usually unable to find higher amounts that do not take UC control.

If you want to avoid that your credit rating is negatively affected by many UC checks, you should avoid the lenders who take UC and instead apply for loans from lenders who do not use UC for credit control.

You can do it online and get an answer to the application directly


UC is far from the only company whose business and business concept is to provide credit information. Special permits are required in order to conduct such activities and the rules that you have to adhere to are formulated by legislation.

Ordering a credit report that relates to private individuals can be done for a variety of reasons, but the person who obtains a credit report will have to pay a fee for conducting an information check on a private person or company. There are also different levels of information with different degrees of detail.

The most disclosure information is available at UC, while other companies in the same business area have a simpler form of information to provide. The more extensive information requested, the more expensive it is to order the information.

Several companies in the industry


It is extremely important to remember that a UC check is just one of the various credit reports that exist in Sweden. You should not be able to borrow without any credit information being made, since all serious credit companies are in principle forced to obtain written information.

If you find loans that market themselves as loans without credit information, it is time to look at that lender with a very critical eye. We also want to take the opportunity to warn against online fraud.

Summary of the Mortgage Law 2019

Spain is a very curious country. We have about 120,000 laws and regulations and, with that cake whose ignorance does not exempt us from its compliance, we should be able to behave well and not get out of the good way.

If we read the article of art 82.4 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws we will see that it declares. In any case, the clauses that, according to the provisions of articles 85 to 90, both inclusive are abusive:
a) link the contract to the will of the employer,
b) limit the rights of the consumer and user,
c) determine the lack of reciprocity in the contract,
d) impose disproportionate guarantees on the consumer and user or unduly impose the burden of proof,
e) are disproportionate in relation to the development and execution of the contract, or
f) contravene the rules on competition and applicable law.

Forced to assume a contract


It occurs to me to think that almost all the letters of that list are compromised when someone is forced to assume a contract that they do not want, under the conditions established by the entrepreneur’s will, which limit the client’s right to choose, which they can assume an excess of guarantees (for example, home insurance is unnecessary in a flat if there is community insurance because it already covers the reconstruction of the house 100%) and, of course, abduct a potential free market customer for 30 or 40 years is not exactly kind to competitors.

Breach of insurance distribution


Let’s add Article 5.e of Law 26/2006 on insurance mediation that prohibits the bank (as an agent that it is) Directly or indirectly impose the conclusion of an insurance contract. I insist since 2006 (the previous Law, the 9/1992, already prohibited in its article 26.2.g Coercion in insurance mediation, as well as inaccurate or inappropriate information to policyholders, insured, beneficiaries of policies or insurers, considering it very serious fault, So the bank has been foolish for 26 years in breach of insurance distribution legislation for this period.

Let’s complete the absurdity with the knowledge that the Mortgage Directive has been directly applied since March 2016. And that this Directive expressly prohibits the linking of insurance and other products to a loan. However … they have been forgetting that prohibition.

In summary: we will have a new Law that will prevent the linking of insurance to loans but we have a bank that is believed to be unpunished and that operates (at least in this) as authentic outlaw of the American West. Either you sign or you get a patrimonial shot and you run out of that constitutional right to decent housing. Unless you agree to lose your dignity and a lot of money to satisfy your whims.

The new Law, as Paul says, should have an escape route so that the client could leave insurance if it turns out that it is inappropriate for their interests. For this reason, the association presented to the Parliamentary Groups a solution that the Senate incorporated in its proposal: that the insurance could not exceed the term of one year although they could count on the possibility of being tacitly renewed subject to the provisions of article 22 of the Insurance Contract Law. But the honorable Members, in Congress, have decided to set aside the consumer and favor banking.

Unquestionable interest to provide that all insurances

Unquestionable interest to provide that all insurances

If I tell you that the insurance proposed by Good Lender does not cover the content fire if at least 85% of the insured value is not lost while the rest of the market does not apply that rule, it does not protect its customers in the event of uninhabitability or with a Hotel day or with a rental for one year while the house is being repaired, if I tell you that insurance does not cover our lives while we go for a bike ride or if we are taxi drivers or bus drivers while other insurance is protect, if I tell you that … You have to be very ignorant of the Law and the market or have an unquestionable interest to provide that all insurances are equal and that what does it matter if the customer buys the street or the bank.

From the outset would have already called the entire sector a chapter if it smelled a concerted practice in coverages and premiums. But, in addition, there is another very important issue and it seems that we only understand a few, experts in risk management: different people, different families, different habits and ways of life require different insurance. If I have or not art or collections, if I have my technified house or not, if I have neighbors or I live in an isolated house, if my pipes are buried or I have posts for the light to reach my house, yes … Each family generates risks different from another! And there is another fundamental element: