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Many people wonder what it means to borrow without UC control, or maybe the opposite. Namely what a UC control really means and what the consequences and opportunities UC control entails.

UC control is a form of credit control or credit reporting


All lenders who grant loans, whether they are larger loans or smaller loans, do a credit check to assess your ability to pay. Just UC control is a credit report that the lender buys from the company Upplysningscentralen AB so UC is an abbreviation of their company name.

UC uses a special scoring system that balances a number of factors such as number of credits granted, credits used, payment notes, income, capital deficit, etc. An important and perhaps most criticized part of the score is also the number of previous inquiries the person has. A number of inquiries mean that you are considered to be a greater risk to the lender than if you have a few inquiries.
Each of your previous requests remains in UC’s register for 12 months back in time.

Usually, some lenders can lend amounts up to SEK 50000 without UC control, while lenders are usually unable to find higher amounts that do not take UC control.

If you want to avoid that your credit rating is negatively affected by many UC checks, you should avoid the lenders who take UC and instead apply for loans from lenders who do not use UC for credit control.

You can do it online and get an answer to the application directly


UC is far from the only company whose business and business concept is to provide credit information. Special permits are required in order to conduct such activities and the rules that you have to adhere to are formulated by legislation.

Ordering a credit report that relates to private individuals can be done for a variety of reasons, but the person who obtains a credit report will have to pay a fee for conducting an information check on a private person or company. There are also different levels of information with different degrees of detail.

The most disclosure information is available at UC, while other companies in the same business area have a simpler form of information to provide. The more extensive information requested, the more expensive it is to order the information.

Several companies in the industry

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It is extremely important to remember that a UC check is just one of the various credit reports that exist in Sweden. You should not be able to borrow without any credit information being made, since all serious credit companies are in principle forced to obtain written information.

If you find loans that market themselves as loans without credit information, it is time to look at that lender with a very critical eye. We also want to take the opportunity to warn against online fraud.